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Belmont Financial provides wealth management services to individuals and families. Our services include:

Personal Financial Planning

Belmont Financial offers the following financial planning services customized to each client’s individual goals.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Estate Planning
  • Special Needs Funding
  • Tax Counseling
  • Insurance Consulting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Stock Option Planning

The process begins with a complimentary consultation designed to learn more about the client’s goals and objectives. Then we recommend which of the above services are appropriate for the client. For example,

Retirement Planning – We develop and review retirement plans. We manage portfolios to assure adequate retirement income in the most tax efficient manner.

Estate Planning - We will recommend strategies to preserve and transfer your estate to heirs or charities. We are able to work with your existing advisors or our extensive professional contacts allow us to recommend attorneys or other professionals as required.

Portfolio Management – We manage globally diversified investment portfolios in a tax efficient manner. Client accounts are held in the client’s name by a nationally recognized custodian such as Charles Schwab. Depending on your preferences and objectives, these portfolios may consist of:

No-Load Mutual Funds – Mutual funds can provide diversification, professional money managers and exposure to a wide variety of asset classes. It is possible to construct a portfolio with below average volatility and risk. As Registered Investment Advisors, we have access to institutional funds with lower operating expenses and load mutual funds without paying the sales charge.

Individual Securities – Individual stocks and bonds provide the ability to manage a portfolio in a tax efficient manner. In addition, the portfolio can be customized to meet specific objectives, such as concentrated industry exposure or socially responsible investing.

Separate Accounts – We have access to independent institutional money managers, whose services were previously reserved for large institutional investors or very wealthy investors. We evaluate and monitor the philosophy, process and performance of these investment managers. Portfolios can be customized for tax efficiency and investment restrictions. Clients frequently obtain preferred pricing because of our buying power.

Serving as your overall investment advisor on accounts we manage as well as those we don’t manage. We advise on asset allocation strategies, diversification, and tax efficient investing. We monitor your investment strategy and your goals for retirement, charitable giving and estate planning.