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Why Choose Us?

BF is unique…….

When you choose Belmont Financial you get the best of both worlds.
BF’s membership in Aegis, a group of 12 elite planners nationwide, provides you with a depth of expertise and experience not even available in large firms. And yet, Belmont Financial is a small, independent, local firm where a limited number of qualified clients work directly with the owner, Mike Durant. There are no junior planners. You get the benefit of over 20 years experience in finance and personal financial planning, as well as the knowledge gained from years of teaching others to become certified financial planners at Boston University and Merrimac College.

More about Aegis…….

Aegis was established in 1997 to enable top planners and investment managers nationwide to leverage their expertise. Daily email/phone contact, monthly conference calls and regular meetings allow the 12 members to exchange valuable ideas and pool resources. Outside expertise, much like outside directors at a large company can provide a level of frankness and objectivity not available from in house employees. Each member of Aegis is a principle in his/her own firm; a senior, mature person with years of experience.

Extensive professional contacts…….  

As a native of the Boston area, active in local professional groups for over 15 years, Mike Durant has personal relationships with leading attorneys, CPAs and insurance consultants both locally and throughout the country. So if your planning requires estate planning, tax preparation or if you want to consider long term care insurance, you are not limited to in house staff. Just as you would not want to be limited to “in house mutual funds” you are not limited to in house expertise.  BF can match your issue with the best professional.

Commitment to Personal Contact and Client Education…….

Frequent communication is a key element of success in achieving the goals of any plan. Financial planning and investment management are no different! As a client, you are invited to come in 4 times a year to review, in person, your goals and objectives. During these meetings, we stress client education: clients should understand the portfolio management process and planning methods and goals. In addition, we strive to educate you regarding global trends, economic and political, which may affect your planning. Unlimited telephone contact and more frequent meetings are welcome and encouraged.

As we approach retirement we face many critical questions.......

Will we outlive our money?
Can we afford to gift to children or grandchildren?
Are our estate planning documents up to date?
Should we consider Long Term Care Insurance?
What about health insurance?

Belmont Financial can provide valuable assistance with these issues but they all hinge on the most important issue of all:

The proper management of your retirement portfolio.

Proper management means better returns, lower risk and greater wealth!
And this means you can more easily afford the best insurance and have a very comfortable retirement and maybe even leave a legacy for your heirs or charity. And while some issues involve one time decisions, portfolio management is an ongoing, continuous effort, requiring a disciplined process and commitment to excellence.

Belmont Financial has the process and commitment required for proper portfolio management.
Contact us today and schedule your complimentary consultation.